Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I've been awarded the honest scrap award by my sister. You are supposed to tell 10 honest things about yourself and then award 4 others with the award. (I'm sorry, I finally post and it is not so exciting!)

Here it goes....

1. I just topped off my most active weekend of the year with a nice nose shiner from an elbow, playing soccer monday night. That was after a run, Skiing, 20 mile bike, and a half a soccer game.

2. I am a different person when I am around people! I love people. I have a whole different energy level and maybe a different personality when I am around people.

3. I have not been out of bed before 9:30am (usually after 10) for a week!! (It is spring break...)

4. I have a secret crush on..... I guess I'm not going to be that honest.... I'll do 11

5. I spend too much money often. Somehow I have good credit though.

6. One of my favorite places in Philadelphia is my room in my apartment! This is in stark contradiction to my love to be with people, but that is exactly why I decided to put a couch in my room!

7. I skip class more than once a week. Thats all I'll say.

8. I have (luckly) the greatest patients in Philadelphia. They call me for appointments!!

9. I think about my awesome family everyday! I miss them everyday too. Not looking for sympathy I just have to be honest.

10. I am around great friends in Philadelphia! I really have great, really close friends here. More like family than I knew friends could be.

11. I have been learning new truths about the atonement lately that have really changed my heart. I have learned to a small degree the role of grace in my life and how that grace and forgiveness is immediately given the moment we turn to God. It isn't so much all the mistakes I think about anymore, but my focus is on doing my part to allow Christ to change me. When I mess up I'm just missing out on opportunities that are earnestly awaiting us if we are prepared. Because I am in a covenant relationship with Christ my mistakes are not all mine. He takes ownership of them all and promises that if I try he will make me whole and those mistakes will no longer be me because he will change me. Those opportunities for growth never go away (though they may change form) we just need to humbly turn towards the Lords path again.

Honesty session over.

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Monday, May 11, 2009

The Walk

This is the video of me walking.

2 Years Done

It has been forever since I posted a blog.....about a year, but I really have been busy! haha. I just finished the second year of dental school and we had a white coat ceremony which signifies us moving into the clinic with patients. I get my first patients in a few weeks! I can't wait! These are some pictures of me walking on the stage, a smart girl in my class, and me following the direction of my roommate. He was trying to get me to look all doctor like. haha Oh well!

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Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Scavinger hunt in Philly (The Great Race)

We had a huge activity with a ton of YSA's in the D.C. area! It was kinda like the Great Race show. We separated into groups and ran around the city hitting as many of the historic sites as we could. The city is a lot of fun, lots of history! I LOVE it! haha

This was in front of the Betsy Ross house

Hanging on a tree near the Museum of Art! (the Rocky steps)

This was when we got back to the church.
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter was a lot of fun this year.... I usually die easter eggs, but this year I didn't want to murder. So I painted them with Rachel. We didn' t have any dye. Ha ha. Rachel painted the two on the Left and I did the two on the right. Enjoy!

The easter eggs!!

Chickens in grass.

Teenage mutant ninja turtle face.

Turtle shell

Turtle tail.

We found this egg in an aardvark tree. Why don't mammals lay eggs?

Thats a Rabbit in case you were wondering...

Thats a cross for easter!

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Birthday Trip to New York!

I went to New York last Saturday! It was a fun trip. We left at 8:00am and caught the train for $20 to New York. We took the Subway the rest of the way and arrived near the Manhattan temple around 11:00am. The train was fun...I heard it takes about an hour and a half in a car with good traffic. We ate lunch first and then attended a session at the temple. It was pretty cool. The city is Crazy! I didn't take any pictures though! I guess I just have to go back again. We got back to Philly about 7:00pm and I went to a pizza place with some friends in Philly and then we watched Zoolander. Quite the laugh inducer! It was a great birthday weekend!